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Sable Talley

Hi, I'm Sable, a New Orleans native currently living in Seattle. Thanks for checking out my work. Stylishly Made is the design studio I developed through my love of graphic design and fashion. After graduating from The Art Institute of Seattle to actively pursue my passion, I've had the opportunity to work with local fashion and accessory designers and influencers and even land the Communications Chair position for The Fashion Group International's Seattle Region.

Since I work from home, I love that my design space is filled with inspiration to create and develop new ideas. Nothing gives me more joy than designing great projects for my clients while being as efficient as possible. I'm always looking for new clients to work with so if you're interested in collaborating on a project, feel free to contact me!

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Consultation Fee: $50 for 30 minutes; $100 for 1 hour (non-refundable)

Out of the office: April 25 - 30, 2018

I will be out of the office as I am attending the FGI Annual Regional Director's Conference in NYC. I will be updating my followers on my first New York adventure on Instagram so feel free to follow my IG stories at @stylishlymade and @fgiseattle!

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